About Us

Our Mission

The Musical Theater Project (TMTP) was formed in 2000 to foster a deep connection with the classic American musical—including the art form’s social/cultural context—by creating both local and national programming that enriches the lives of people of all ages and cultures.

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What is The Musical Theater Project all about?

Americans have an enduring love affair with Broadway and Hollywood musicals. It’s our very own art form, combining song and dance to express what we can be at our best.

More than 100 years of America’s cultural history is tied to our musicals, and The Musical Theater Project documents and celebrates that history in a seamless blend of entertainment and education. Founded in 2000, TMTP produces concerts, in-school residency programs, radio broadcasts and recordings that:

  • Create personal connections with the songs, characters and themes of the American musical.
  • Document the lives of important American musical theater artists.
  • Explore the connections between the musical and the rich diversity of the American experience.
  • Examine the relevance of musical theater in contemporary society.