About Us

Who We Are, What We Do and Why We Do It

Formed 25 years ago, The Musical Theater Project is a unique “museum,” its doors open wide both locally and nationally. Our mission is to preserve and honor the 20th-century classic American musical (both stage and screen) in songs, stories and social history. We guide participants in learning about and making personal connections with the art form’s past through local live performances and school programs, and in national radio broadcasts, online discussions and recordings.

TMTP has a steadfast commitment to inclusion. Everyone is fully welcomed and invited into all facets of the organization’s life regardless of age, race, sex, nationality, disability, gender, sexual identity or economic status—not just as people living in the world, but as equal citizens living in a democracy.

Our goal is to bring us all closer together in greater understanding of each other, and in joy, hope and love—these are meaningful and uplifting hallmarks of the classic American musical.

Experience Our Local and National Programs

We have programs that attract a range of age groups and interest levels:

  • Concerts (“The Song Is You!” series) – Each concert is special, featuring live performances, commentary, still images and video clips. Our shows are often referred to as a “docu-concerts” or live documentaries because they document America’s cultural history along with the lives and work of the extraordinary artists who created classic musical theater.

  • Radio programs (“Footlight Parade” [public stations] and “On the Aisle” [SiriusXM]) – TMTP produces a weekly program showcasing musical theater for over 100 public stations and satellite radio, reaching thousands of listeners across the country. “Footlight Parade” is available free of charge by streaming at prx.org.

  • Recordings (“Harbinger Records”) — A division of The Musical Theater Project, Harbinger Records was founded in 1983, focusing  on albums created for the collector dedicated to musical theater, cabaret and the Great American Songbook. 

  • School programs (“Kids Love Musicals!” – Through Kids Love Musicals!, TMTP connects with children in grades K-4, providing a curriculum-based and highly participatory educational experience in the classroom. We empower students, encouraging them to apply creativity and imagination while they learn about the art of musical theater.

  • Online discussion series (“Let’s Go to the Movies… at Home!”) – Each month we explore a classic movie musical by providing Bill Rudman’s video intro, a link to the film and a live Zoom discussion that attracts people from all over the country.

Contribute to The Musical Theater Project

If you share an interest in education through musical theater, consider becoming a member of our nonprofit organization! Our members are invaluable, as they are the reason that we can continue to pursue our mission of fostering a deep appreciation of the classic American musical while examining the important social history that is inherently present in each performance.