All American Backers Audition



  1. Introduction
  2. Narration [Part 1]
  3. Melt Us
  4. Narration [Part 2]
  5. What a Country!
  6. Narration [Part 3]
  7. Our Children
  8. Narration [Part 4]
  9. Animal Attraction
  10. Narration [Part 5]
  11. Back to School Again
  12. Narration [Part 6]
  13. We Speak the Same Language
  14. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It
  15. I Can Teach Them
  16. It’s Fun to Think
  17. Narration [Part 10]
  18. Once Upon a Time
  19. Narration [Part 11]
  20. Nightlife
  21. Narration [Part 12]
  22. I’ve Just Seen Her
  23. Physical Fitness
  24. Fight Song
  25. Narration [Part 15]
  26. What a Country! (reprise)
  27. Narration [Part 16]
  28. Pripoz Diva Se
  29. Narration [Part 17]
  30. If I Were You
  31. Narration [Part 18]
  32. I Couldn’t Have Done It Alone
  33. Narration [Part 19]
  34. Once Upon a Time (reprise)
  35. I’ve Just Seen Him
  36. Narration [Part 21]
  37. The Real Me
  38. Which Way
  39. Narration [Part 23]
  40. Finale
theater education

To quote a beloved song title from this CD, “Once Upon a Time”…. These four words instantly conjure a mythical, fabled land – usually a long time ago and far, far away. Well, once upon a time, there was a mythical, magical place – a place called Broadway; an enchanted kingdom set aglow by a million neon lights.

Once upon a time, in 1962, there was a Broadway musical called ALL AMERICAN. This CD offers a piece of Broadway history – a rare glimpse into the creation of a new musical comedy. It’s an example of a time-honored Broadway tradition that goes back, probably, to the very beginnings of musical theater. It’s a live recording of a backers audition, performed by the very men who wrote the music and lyrics, Charles Strouse and Lee Adams.

Other entries in the Harbinger Songwriters Series include Hugh Martin: Hidden TreasuresNoel Coward Sings Sail Away and Other Coward Rarities, and Richard Rodgers: Command Performance.

theater education
theater education
theater education