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Your gift to The Musical Theater Project provide meaningful ways for viewers, listeners, students and artists to learn more about themselves, their lives and their communities—all within the context of musical theater.

When you make annual donations of $50 or more to The Musical Theater Project, you are automatically included in our Donor Circle. The Musical Theater Project’s Donor Circle is open to everyone and enrollment in our musical theater membership is year round.

Become a TMTP Contributing Member

Every day, The Musical Theater Project works passionately to open the hearts and minds of our audiences to the power of musical theater. We create programs that inspire and—whether on stage, in schools or on the radio—bring each person closer to this unique American art form. And it’s the generous hearts of donors in our musical theater memberships that make our one-of-a-kind programs sing!

​As a TMTP Contributing Member of our Applause, Applause Annual Campaign, you will:

  • Inspire joy in schoolchildren across northeast Ohio, motivating them to sing, dance and act with our teaching artists in the classroom.

  • Lift the spirits, hearts and minds of audience members at our Song Is You! concert performances and listeners to our Footlight Parade radio broadcasts and Harbinger recordings.

  • Preserve and celebrate the work of iconic musical theater songwriters so that future generations have access to the deep, rich history of the art form.​

Support These Programs by Becoming Part of Our Musical Theater Membership

We are dedicated to celebrating, preserving and honoring the classic American musical of the 20th century. With cultural history playing a major role in our musicals, we are able to foster a deep connection and appreciation for both, creating an ultimate experience.

By supporting us and joining our musical theater membership, you’ll be able to help us bring these programs to life:

  • Concerts – Hosted by our music nonprofit, our concerts explore the historical and cultural impact of musical theater. Often referred to as “docu-concerts,” they provide a unique combination of a live performance, still images, and video clips.

  • Harbinger Records – Founded in 1983, this is a subsidiary of The Musical Theater Project focused on creating albums for the collector dedicated to the Great American Songbook.

  • Radio programs – We are happy to broadcast a weekly program on over 100 stations, and we reach both national and international listeners. You won’t want to miss this TMTP offering.

  • Kids Love Musicals! – This immersive and educational experience helps us connect with local youth in the classroom! We empower students and encourage them to apply their creativity while they learn about the historical and cultural impact of musical theater. By donating annually through our musical theater membership, you’re creating a safe space for students and giving them a platform to share their thoughts!

  • Let’s Go to the Movies… at Home! – Take a deeper look at a movie musical each month and break down the impact of the performance over a live Zoom discussion! As a subscriber, you are given access to each monthly film and subsequent discussion.

​Spread the Word!

Think TMTP is great? Go ahead and tell someone about us! Along with donating and becoming part of our musical theater membership, word of mouth is a terrific way to support our mission and programs.

  • Bring a new audience member to a Song Is You! concert
  • Tell a teacher, PTA member or principal about our Kids Love Musicals! ​program for school children
  • Organize a listening party for Footlight Parade or On the Aisle
  • Purchase historically significant musical theater CDs from Harbinger Records
  • Become a TMTP Member (levels begin at $50) or gift a musical theater membership to someone who loves musical theater
  • Join our Monthly Giving Program and see the impact of your donation every month (levels begin at $5 per month)
  • ​Join our page on Facebook and don’t forget to “like” us – we’re so glad you do!

Now, more than ever, your charitable support will help TMTP maintain operations despite unprecedented financial loss due to COVID-19 concert cancellations and school closures. We are grateful for your support.

Join Our Musical Theater Membership Today

Are you wanting to support and honor the masters of the American musical? By joining our musical theater membership, and making annual donations of $50 or more, you are helping our nonprofit continue to make personal connections with this art form.