Burke Beautiful: The Songs of Johnny Burke

Burke Beautiful: The Songs of Johnny Burke

Sharon Page and Keith Ingham


  1. Aren’t You Glad You’re You? (1945)
  2. Sleighride in July(1944) 4:10
  3. You Don’t Have to Know the Language (1947)
  4. But Beautiful (1947)
  5. My Heart is a Hobo (1947)
  6. Humpty Dumpty Heart (1941)
  7. It Could Happen to You (1944)
  8. Swinging on a Star (1944)
  9. A Hundred Dreams from Now (1958)
  10. Get Rid of Monday (1955)
  11. Suddenly It’s Spring (1944)
  12. One, Two, Button Your Shoe (1936)
  13. What’s New? (1939)
  14. Like Someone in Love (1944)
  15. Do You Know Why? (1940)
  16. He Makes Me Feel I’m Lovely (1961)

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“A fitting tribute to a gentleman who helped to create some of the most memorable standards in the Great American Songbook.”
– Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

All lyrics by Johnny Burke, all music by James Van Heusen except “One Hundred Dreams From Now” (music by Duke Ellington); “One, Two, Button Your Shoe” (music by Arthur Johnston); “What’s New?” (music by Bob Haggart); and “He Makes Me Feel I’m Lovely” (music and lyric by Burke).

RELEASE DATE: February 3, 2017

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