Celebrating You! TMTP Donors & Members

TMTP donors help to engage and enlighten audiences of all ages about the American musical—through programs that serve the greater Cleveland community and beyond. We are grateful for the generosity and passion of the following organizations and individuals this year.


The Abington Foundation
Akron Community Foundation
The Eva L. & Joseph M. Bruening Foundation
Cedars Legacy Fund
The Cleveland Foundation
Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation
Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation
Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation
The Roe Green Foundation
The George Gund Foundation
The Yip Harburg Foundation
The Mabel Mercer Foundation
The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

Jewish Federation of Cleveland
The Kulas Foundation
The John P. Murphy Foundation
Joyce M. Stielau and Herbert W. Stielau Foundation
Music and Drama Club
Ohio Arts Council
The Peterman and DeMinico Family Foundation
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Foundation
Schwab Charitable
Joyce M. Stielau and Herbert W. Stielau Foundation
The Stocker Foundation
Treu-Mart Fund
Thomas H. White Foundation
US Bank Foundation
Wayne County Community Foundation​

​Annual Support

Center Stage ($10,000 and up)

Kathy Coleman 
Robert Conrad 
Joyce Glickman
Elaine Hadden 
Ernest and Mildred Mario 
Richard and Pat Pogue 
Bill Rudman 
Steve and Jackie Schultz 

Songwriters Circle ($1,000-$2,499)

Richard Colbert and Ellen Rie
Ed and Gay Cull Addicott
Richard Day
Judith Daykin
Bob and Eleanor Dreshfield
Beverly Gans
Roe Green
Lesley Stewart Grilley
Henry and Robin Hatch
​David Jury
Nancy McCormack
Ann and Glenn Miner
Stephen and Amanda Morris
Spencer Neth and Marjorie Kitchell
Alec and Tam Alexander Pendleton
Michael and Barbara Peterman
Ed Pivcevich
Meredith Seikel
Tom and Beth Sweeney

Encore ($5,000-$9,999)

Viia Beechler 
Herb and Sara Drower
Howard Epstein and Gregg Levine
​David Logsdon
John and Barbara Schubert 
Lynn and Sheila Smith 
Paul Verdon

Repeat Performance ($500-$999)

Lois Armington
Manny and Bonnie Kane Barenholtz
Ann and David Brennan
Glenn and Jeanette Brown
Marilyn Brown
Harry Carlson
Daniel and Joanne Cuoco
Chandler and Marsha Everett
Carol A. Frankel
Bob and Ann Gillespie
Kare Biel-Goebel
Francine Gordon
Gloria Fine
Michael and Jane Horvitz
Mary Ann Ann Jorgenson
David Kanzeg
Heather and Jami Meeker
Ralph and Carol Meyer
Lynn and Mike Miller
Debbie Neale
Laura and Ted Pinnick
Jim and Joan Quinn
Albert and Audrey Ratner
Brendan Ring
Larry Santon  Jr.
John and Laura Shields
Bruce and Nancy Silverman
Jeff and Celia Sinclair
Dean and Beth Slejko
Vernon and Barbara Sponseller
David and Jane Steger
Betsy and Fred Stueber
Peggy Barnes Szpatura
Ron and Sandra Taddeo
Paul Vincent and Kathy Presciano
Jack and Jenifer Warren
Joseph and Guadalupe Warren
Mary Warren
Sharyn Wolf
James Wood 

Standing Ovation ($2,500-$4,999)

Richard Frey
Scott and Pamela Isquick 
Janet Kramer 
Pauline Ramig 
Lorry Szabo
John and Margie Wheeler 


Judie and Bruce Amsel
Carol Arbaczewski
Phyllis and Robert Benjamin
Lew Bernard  Jr.
John Bowab
Al and Carol Donley
Daniel and Carol Fishwick
Gerald Freedman
Jane Friedman
Peggy Fullmer
Bruce Hennes
Linda Hood
Carolyn Horn 
Robert and Linda Katz
Ellen and Bruce Mavec
Peter and Susi Meisel
Mike and Hedy Milgrom
John and Cathy Moore
Eddie and Kit Myers
Kermit and Joyce Pike
Mary Louise Louise Pollak
Dick and Chris Powers
Keith and Margaret Robinson
Donald Rosenberg and Katherine Brewster
Ray and Kit Sawyer
Cynthia Stillings
Rebecca Storey and Neal Simpson
Martha and Ed Towns
Robert and Sara Walters
Jim and Eileen Wilkoff
John and Sylvia Yankey 

Opening Night ($100-$249)

Louise Abrams and Robert Fuerst
Dolores Adler
Barrie Alves
Teresa Andreani
Charles Bailin
James Baker
Ruth Baker and Jordan Wexler
Wendy Steinhoff Baldikoski
Linda Barnett
Carolyn and Bill Batcheller
Lois P. Bell
Lynda Bender
Jeremy Benjamin
Don and Jackie Bercu
Margaret and Leeds Bird
Robert and Eileen Blattner
Kurt and Myrna Bloch
Marsha Blond
Gary and Kay Bluhm  Kay
Christian and Georgiann Bodle
Marilyn K. Brown
Mike and Carole Brown  
Lloyd Max Bunker  and Tony Bianchi
Jon Clement Burroughs
Jane Campbell
Kathryn Carter
Beth Cassella
Chris and Kimberly Ceja
Ted and Jo Anna Chapin
Sonia Chapnick
Nancy Ford Charles
Anne Lynett Clark
David Conte and Suzanne Ouellette
Mark Corcoran
Rosemary Corcoran
Philip Crosby
Jan Curry and Richard Rodda
Peter and Sue Danford
Andrea and Chad Deal
Susan Deguide
Elaine DeMore and Harry Gleeson
Richard and Iona Dettelbach
Eric Dicken and Paul Putman
Marie Dietrich
Clarence and Connie Drennon
Corinne and Bob J. Dunn  III
Joanne Durante
Mark and Lisa Durbin
Loretta Eichenberg
Wendy and Gene Elconin
Deena and Dick Epstein
Rod Erskine
Christopher Faiver
Jon and Mary Fancher
Joyce Feinberg
Arthur Fergenson
Paul Ferguson
Marc and Ann Freimuth
Stuart Friedman
Michael and Kathleen Gaydos
Joan Graham
Glen Gross
Daniel and Christine Hahn
Sheldon and Margie Harnick
Mary Ann and John Hexter
Arnold Hirshon
Elizabeth Hoffman

Opening Night ($100-$249)

Paul Holland
Judy and Peter Holmes
Mark Jacobs
John and Liz Jarvey
Bruce and Ann Jones
Mark Jorgensen 
Stephen Kadish 
Sheldon and Judith Kaffen 
Lori L. Kaplan 
James Krukones 
Gerrit and Peg Kuechle 
Enid and Irving Kushner 
Mary Jane Linn 
Tom and Barbara Marchetti 
Kelann Maus 
Sarah May  and Park Goist
Robin Mayer 
Steven Minter 
George and Carole Morris
Marjorie and Bert Moyar 
Jim and Kathy Murphy 
Jane and Fritz Neubauer 
Ed and Caroline Oberndorf 
Margaret Olds 
Laura Palcisko 
Rich and Sue Pejeau 
Rick Pender 
Ken Pike and Damaris Peters-Pike
Pete and Iris Pistell 
Diana Price  and Pat Dooley
Tom and Helen Rathburn 
Woody and Susie Reichert 
John Reilly 
Elton and Lenora Riemer 
Roger and Jan Robinson 
Bob Rody 
Amy Rosenfield
Sue Rubin 
Ronald Rydarowicz 
Kathleen Sanow and Dennis Runkle
John Schambach 
John and Debra Schinker 
Melvin and Susan Schwarzwald 
Stuart and Roberta Sears 
Daniel Seifried and Robert Rivera
Hannah Sharnsky 
John Shelley 
Alice Sherman
Thomas Shim 
Jay and Toby Siegel 
William and Helen Spatz 
Kathy and Tom Stellato 
Joe and K. K. Sullivan 
Dennis Taylor 
Rebecca Thomas 
Carl and Shirley Topilow 
Dan and Priscilla Treadwell 
Jean Tuskes 
Joanne Uniatowski 
Karen Van Linge 
Kathleen Waits and Martin Belsky
Barbara Walker 
Churchill and Evelyn Ward 
Arthur and Madelaine Warren 
Ramona Weber 
Larry and Elizabeth Weiss 
Robert Williams 
Mike and Karen Zak 
Sandra Zieve

Preview ($50-$99)

Bruce and Gloria Abbott
Nancy A. Adams
Taylor Allen and Pam Snyder
Amy Asch
​Andrea Atwood
George Bakalar
John and Kathy Baker
Janet Barlow
Camille Baron
Chris and Linda Bartel
Faye and Michael Bass
Fran and Marv Bauer
Joyce and George Becker
Roy and Eunice Berko
Phyllis Berlas
Victor Bernot and Alicia Ciliberto
Ralph Bertonaschi and Barbara Barstow
Larry Biales
Marianne Bican
Claire Biel
Fred and Ellen Bishko
Jim and Suzanne Blaser
Richard Bongorno
Berit Branch
Helen Braun
Maureen Brett
Smith and Marjorie Brittingham
Al Brouman
Polly Burns
Beth Chernoff
James and Caroline Chesebrough
Kim Cole
Tom Conroy
Thomas J. Coogle
Harriett Culp
Clancy and Carolyn Danielson
Judy Darus
Bill Doll and Carolyn Buller
Hank Doll
Jeffrey Dross
Lynn and Erwin Edelman
Thomas and Lucinda Einhouse
Elaine Engeln
Susanna Erdos
Gerald and Shulamith Erenberg
Michael Putman Estwanik
Sol and Charlene Factor
Richard and Lisa Falkenberg
Keith Filip
Charles “Bud” Ford  Jr.
Edward and Carolyn Gabelman
Delores Gair
Thomas Gilbride
Shelley and Alvin Gilmore
David Glatzer
Nancy Glende
Deborah Glosserman
Norman and Arlene Golovan
Sally Good
Bernie and Shirley Gordon
Ellen Greenberger
Marsha Gross
Charles and Linda Gruenspan
Mary Frances Haerr and Kal Zucker
Nancy Hammond
Louis and Julie Handler
Jean Hanson
Wil S Hattendorf
Audrey Heller
Phyllis Henry
Jim and Carolyn Herman
Tom Hoadley and Cindy Lombardo
Eileen Hoicowitz 
Don Horn 
Edie Horvat 
Cheryl Jackson 
Stanley and Marcia Jaffe 
Jodith Janes 
Kathryn Karipides 
Lois Karlsberger 
Gil and Gail Kenehan 
Jerry and Karen Ketchaver 
Theresa Kuehn 
Carl and Bonnie Kuhns 
Jim and Debra LaPierre 
Jim Lawson 
Victor and Rachel Lesser 
Renee Lieberman
Dennis and Karen Linden  

Preview ($50-$99)

Norty and Joni London 
J.J. Louttit 
Robert and Joan Lustig 
Dan and Nancy Maier 
Sue and Howard Maier 
Timothy McKeown ​Marilyn Meadows 
Barbara Megery 
Matthew Midgett 
Antoinette Miller 
Laura and Charles Monroe 
Lois Morris 
Merilyn and Tom Morrow 
Jewel Moulthrop  and Evan Komito
Linda Myers 
John and Georgia Nelson 
Joe Newman 
Robert and Pamela Noll 
Marilyn Nudelman 
Mary and David Osburn 
Walter and Alberta Oswald 
Estelle Painter 
David and Judie Perelman 
Bill Peterson 
Jane Pfaff 
Joanne Poderis 
James and Susan Prince 
Mark and Claire Purdy 
Timothy Rasinski 
Ed and Janet Reichek 
Charles and Sally Rich 
Patricia Richards 
Mark Rinis 
Phillip Roscoe 
Beth and Stan Rosenblum 
Ksenia Roshchakovsky 
Wally Rubin 
Sheldon Rudolph 
Jim and Betsy Sampliner 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Schaeffer 
Sharon Schnall and Drew Sellers
Roger Schore 
Melanie Shakarian  and Peter Kvidera
Sara Shaner 
Don & Elaine Sherman 
Ronna Sherman 
Richard Shirey 
Faye Sholiton 
Sanford and Eppie Shore 
ed and Natalie Silverberg 
Ronald and Loramae Simkoff 
Shirley Simmons 
Marion Slejko 
Jacob and Carole Slepian 
Marie Smith 
Steven Smith 
Heidi and Pete Spencer
Marcia Spiro 
J. Wesley Sroub 
Micki St. James 
Beverly Stewart 
Gail Stroud 
Jan Swetel 
Liz Tekus 
Suzanne Tenbrook 
Ileen Tepper
George Thomas 
Annette Thornton 
Harold and Ellen Ticktin 
Diana Tittle 
Ralph and Barbara Trepal 
Eric van Baars 
Allen and Phyllis Wapnick 
Ieda Warshay 
Joanne Watterson 
Jim and Molly Harvey Weaver  III 
Sally Weinberg 
Meg and Sam Weingart 
Chris and Debbie Weinkamer 
Stephen and Joan Werber 
Dick and Liz Whitaker 
Janet Wieselthier 
Judy Wilour and Ron Prosek
David Winkworth 
Sheila Wyse 
Joseph Yannotti 
Mildred Zalben 
Stephen and Wendy Zinn

We’ve made every attempt to accurately list contributions made between July 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018. Please call 216-860-1518 regarding any omissions or misspellings and accept our sincere apologies. Thank you for your commitment to The Musical Theater Project!