You Fascinate Me So

You Fascinate Me So

Cy Coleman


  1. Why Try to Change Me Now?
  2. The Lady is Indisposed
  3. Little What If, Little What Could Be
  4. Hey, Look Me Over!
  5. Far Away From Home / Angelina
  6. Real Live Girl
  7. I’ve Got Your Number
  8. On The Other Side Of The Tracks
  9. Here’s To Us
  10. I’ll Be Coming Back
  11. The Laarge Daark Aardvark Song
  12. I’m The Bravest Individual
  13. The Rhythm Of Life
  14. Pink Taffeta Sample Size 10
  15. Poor Everybody Else
  16. I’ll Take Any Man
  17. I’m Serving Out A Heavy Sentence Loving You
  18. If There Were More People Like You
  19. Lovable Lunatic
  20. We’ve Got It
  21. Nobody Does It Like Me
  22. On The Day You Leave Me
  23. Some Kind of Music
  24. America is Bathed in Sunlight
  25. The Way I See It
  26. The Colors of My Life
  27. Southern Comfort
  28. At My Side

Hear Cy Coleman’s wonderful songs as played and sung by the man himself!

“There’s palpable joy and pride when we hear composer Cy Coleman burst forth with his creations. It’s something I want to hear again and again.” -Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway

Cy Coleman, composer, jazz pianist, five-time Tony Award winner was one of the most successful Broadway composers in the latter half of the Twentieth Century. His shows include such smash hits as Sweet CharityBarnumLittle MeCity of Angels, and Seesaw. Coleman was the only composer in Broadway history to win consecutive Tony Awards for Best Score at the same time that the corresponding musicals won for Best Musicals.

Now, for the first time on CD, Coleman performs 28 songs from Broadway, Off-Broadway and even those that never opened. This CD spans the entire length of Coleman’s career with hits like “Hey, Look Me Over” and “I’ve Got Your Number” to previously unheard numbers like the humorous “The Laarge Daark Aardvark Song” written with humorist Allan Sherman.

A must for any Broadway aficionado as well as lovers of American Popular Song, You Fascinate Me So is a unique overview of the career of one of America’s greatest composers.

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