I Love My Wife

I Love My Wife Backers’ Audition

Performed by Cy Coleman and Michael Stewart


  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to We’re Still Friends
  3. We’re Still Friends
  4. Introduction to Monica
  5. Monica
  6. Introduction to A Mover’s Life
  7. A Mover’s Life
  8. Introduction to By Threes
  9. By Threes
  10. Introduction to Love Revolution
  11. Love Revolution
  12. Introduction to Someone Wonderful I Missed
  13. Someone Wonderful I Missed
  14. Introduction to Sexually Free
  15. Sexually Free
  16. Hey There, Good Times
  17. Introduction to Lovers on Christmas Eve
  18. Lovers on Christmas Eve
  19. Introduction to The Blessing
  20. The Blessing
  21. Introduction to Everybody Today Is Turning On
  22. Everybody Today Is Turning On
  23. Introduction to Married Couple
  24. Married Couple
  25. Introduction to Reprises
  26. By Threes / Someone Wonderful I Missed / A Mover’s Life /Sexually Free / Married Couple
  27. Introduction to I Love My Wife
  28. I Love My Wife

    From Atlantic City
    Lyrics by Christopher Gore

  29. When Jill Is Gone
  30. I Really Love You

    From Home Again
    Lyrics by Barbara Fried

  31. All for Love
  32. Wedding Song
  33. When It Comes to Loving

Release Date: February 14, 2020

Another in Harbinger Records’ acclaimed series of Broadway Backers’ Auditions, I Love My Wife Backers’ Audition is a swinging romp about swinging singles with an equally swinging score by Cy Coleman and Michael Stewart. And it’s those songwriters who play the score and narrate the story.

The recording was made to send out to potential backers to entice them to invest in the show. Those who did found this intimate show (the musicians also played parts in the piece) to be a sleeper hit. It opened at Broadway’s Ethel Barrymore Theatre on April 17, 1977 and entranced the critics. New York Times critic Clive Barnes enthused that the show was “bright, inventive, amusing and breezy.” It ended up playing a remarkable 857 performances.

Our recording also features bonus tracks from two other Cy Coleman shows, Atlantic City, with lyrics by Christopher Gore, and Home Again, with lyrics by Barbara Fried. The five songs excerpted from their demo recordings suggest the range of Coleman’s output
in the 1970s.

And for I Love My Wife, informative liner notes by Coleman biographer Andy Propst explain it all. How two couples from the suburbs of Trenton, New Jersey, spend a rollicking Christmas Eve. These friends, with a little help of strong eggnog and other libations (some smoked), decide to explore a ménage-à-quatre. They make it as far as the bed when…Well, we’ll let Mr. Coleman and Mr. Stewart tell you the story. The songs, the story and the enthusiastic creators make this CD a joy to listen to. The 12-page booklet also contains photos from the original Broadway production.

I Love My Wife Backers’ Audition makes for a joyful listening experience and a bit of nostalgia for people of a certain age. A huge hit on Broadway, a rousing score, narration by the creators and performances of two of Broadway’s finest talents. What more could one hope for in today’s parlous times?

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