It Could Be A Wonderful World


Leon Bibb | Ronnie Gilbert
Robert de Cormier, conductor
Lyrics by Hy Zaret
Music by Lou Singer
Produced by Hy Zaret

Harbinger Records is proud to offer another in the “Little Songs On Big Subjects” series, It Could Be a Wonderful World with music by Lou Singer and lyrics by Hy Zaret.

Following the immense success of Harbinger’s release of Ballads for the Age of Science, this new CD features the same joyous spirit of imagination and knowledge as our previous release. As the noted educator and author Louis Untermeyer wrote of this album on it’s original release, “Little Songs On Big Subjects, are inspired bits of imagination in which the tunes are easily remembered and the meaning becomes increasingly memorable. They offer a perfect combination of entertainment and education, and, I believe, are destined to become American classics. They are the Mother Goose songs of Democracy.”

These songs have won major awards including, THE GEORGE FOSTER PEABODY CITATION…for an “outstanding contribution to international understanding thru broadcasting.” THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY’S INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION “SPECIAL AWARD” in recognition of outstanding educational value and distinguished public service; VARIETY’S “SPECIAL AWARD” for distinguished public service; THE NEW YORK TIMES “HONOR ROLL” of outstanding radio events of the year; “THE RADIO-TELEVISION CRITICS AWARD” for having “raised the stature of radio;” THE BILLBOARD AWARD “for outstanding achievement in public service” and a citation from THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CHRISTIANS & JEWS.

1.    It Could Be a Wonderful World
2.    ‘Round the World Polka
3.    I Want To Live In a Friendly World
4.    Brown-Skinned Cow
5.    Traveling Broadens One
6.    I’m Proud To Be Me
7.    We’re Building a Happier World
8.    American Hymn (Part I)
9.    What Makes a Good American
10.  Columbus Said “Si, Si, Signor”
11.  Ol’ Commodore Gray
12.  Close Your Eyes and Point Your Finger
13.  I’ve Got A Church — You’ve Got A Church
14.  American Hymn (Part II)

Release Date: November 17, 2015

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