Unit 2 – Jungle Book

Making Magic with Kids Love Musicals!

Magical Musical Monday (Day One)

In the first video, Ms. Bridie introduces The Jungle Book by singing the song “My Own Home,” and talks about the meaning of home. In the second video, Baloo the Bear sings “The Bare Necessities” in the 1967 animated Disney film adaptation.

1. Introduction to The Jungle Book

2. Watch: “The Bare Necessities” from 1967 film

Next, Ms. Bridie teaches the lyrics and movements for “The Bare Necessities,” and explores the double meaning in the song’s title. What are our own bare necessities most of the time? How have they changed over the recent weeks?

3. Learn the Song: “The Bare Necessities”

4. Discuss: What are OUR “Bare Necessities” right now?

5. Play Us Some Jazz!: Dan the Piano Man

What is jazz, and how do jazz musicians create, interpret, and play music? Dan the Piano Man demonstrates the concepts of syncopation (changing the rhythm) and improvisation, and performs a familiar song in the boogie-woogie style, with a walking baseline, and as a jazz waltz.

6. Check out any (or all!) of the links of great jazz artists below for more singing, scatting and improvising! 

Ella Fitzgerald-Duke Ellington perform “Don’t Mean A Thing”

The Impact and Legacy of Jazz Pioneer Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong sings “What A Wonderful World”

Louis Armstrong sings and plays “Hello, Dolly!”

7. Rehearse – This Week’s Goodbye Song

Practice this week’s goodbye song Inspired by Colonel Hathi’s March, which we’ll rehearse again on Wednesday and Friday!

Day Two

Wild, Whimsical Wednesday – Day Three

First, Ms. Jodi welcomes everyone back and continues to examine the characters of Mowgli, Bagherra and Baloo. Musicals invite us to imagine different worlds. In this case, it’s a lush, dangerous jungle! She explores the importance of finding friends who can help us in difficult circumstances. In the second video, Ms. Bridie reviews the song “The Bare Necessities,” introduced on Monday.

1. Discuss: Imagining Different Worlds

2. Rehearse: “The Bare Necessities”

3. The Wonder of Words and the Power of Writing

Ms. Jodi compares the qualities and characteristics of Baloo the bear and Bagheera the black panther – two equally important friends for Mowgli as he searches for a new home.

She provides instructions for writing “I Am Poems” and challenges us to think about adapting a favorite story in a new way. Ms. Jodi explores the concept of “artistic collaboration”  in musical theater, introducing the Disney film’s songwriting team (The Sherman Brothers, who also wrote songs for Disney’s Mary Poppins), the book’s author (Rudyard Kipling), and a recent stage adaptation produced at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre.  Finally, Ms. Jodi sings the Goodbye Song!

4. Check out any (or all!) of the videos below to learn more about The Sherman Brothers, artistic adaptations, and the Goodman Theatre’s production of The Jungle Book.

CBS Sunday Morning: The Sherman Brothers

Comparisons: Disney footage and the film “Saving Mr. Banks”

​Montage from Goodman Theatre’s “The Jungle Book”

​Behind-the-Scenes at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre

6. ​Journaling and Writing Activities

During this stay-at-home time, it’s important to find different ways for people of all ages to express what they feel and think. Click on this PDF for ways to promote written reflection about the themes and characters of The Jungle Book.

Day Four

Fabulous, Fun Friday – Day Five

1. Introduction: “I Wanna Be Like You”

Ms. Bridie sings “My Own Home” one last time and continues the story. She introduces the character of King Louie and refreshes our memory about jazz and swing.

​2. Rehearse: “I Wanna Be Like You”

Learn the words and some movements to the song, and experiment with your own improvised words and sounds (aka scatting) and a freestyle dance break.

3. Watch the Film

Watch the clip from Disney’s animated film.

4. Learn the Story

Click through below to learn how Louis Prima became King Louie!

5. Jam Session with Special Guests!

A few friends visit with Ms. Bridie and Ms. Jodi to “scat,” using sounds and movements to create a Zoom jam session. They also play a counting game that is perfect for online chats!

 6. Create and Search

Ms. Bridie and Ms. Jodi finish the week with ideas for creating your own corner of the jungle at home, crafting simple masks and homemade instruments, and going on an extra-credit “I Spy” scavenger hunt!

7. Playtime Activities at Home

Free and structured play time are both important components to learning. They provide a wonderful counterbalance to virtual and book lessons.

8. Bonus Videos!

If you can’t get enough of King Louie, check out two other versions of “I Wanna Be Like You!”

Andre DeShields – “I Wanna Be Like You” at Goodman Theatre

Christopher Walken voices King Louie in Disney’s 2016 live action film

Final Message

Be sure to “follow the yellow brick road” next week to another exciting lesson plan!

Our next musical:

The Wizard of Oz

available April 20th