TMTP ​Organizational Fund

What is the TMTP Organizational Fund of the Cleveland Foundation?

As members of TMTP’s ENCORE! Society, donors to TMTP’s Organizational Fund provide an important source of revenue both now and in the future. The Fund was established through generous legacy gifts from the estates of longtime TMTP supporters Susan Kohn and Jean & John Piety.

TMTP’s Organizational Fund is a long-term organizational fund held and managed by the Cleveland Foundation on behalf of our organization. The fund augments TMTP’s funding mix and helps ensure long-term financial stability through the preservation and investment of dollars for future benefit. The Cleveland Foundation stewards our fund and ensures that each dollar multiplies over time to generate returns earmarked for TMTP in perpetuity.

Susan Kohn (right) and TMTP guest performer Stacy Sullivan

The Cleveland Foundation, the world’s first community foundation, is classified as a public charity and exists to manage funds by donors for the benefit of a specific cause. By virtue of our Fund, TMTP gains access to the foundation’s large investment pools and proven track record of more than a century of nonprofit investment management. As an organizational partner and fund holder of the Cleveland Foundation, TMTP has access to the foundation’s Advancement team with decades of legal, tax and philanthropic experience to help grow and manage the fund.

All gifts are tax deductible at the highest income tax level and the fund offers donors a wide variety of giving vehicles to meet their philanthropic goals.

Your gift to TMTP’s Organizational Fund will make a difference by being preserved today and invested to meet our areas of greatest need tomorrow. Learn more by calling Jack Warren at (216) 860-1518 x 710, or emailing