Noël Coward Sings Sail Away

Noël Coward Sings Sail Away



  1. There Have Been Songs in England
  2. Uncle Harry
  3. I Wonder What Happened to Him?
  4. I Wanted to Show You Paris
  5. Family Dirge
  6. Now I’m a Widow
  7. Home
  8. I Wanted to Show You Paris (Reprise)
  9. Come to Me
  10. I Am No Good at Love
  11. Sail Away
  12. Where Shall I Find Him?
  13. Beatnik Love Affair
  14. Later Than Spring
  15. The Passenger’s Always Right
  16. Useless Useful Phrases
  17. This Is a Night for Lovers
  18. The Customer’s Always Right
  19. Something Very Strange
  20. The Little Ones’ ABC
  21. When You Want Me
  22. Why Do the Wrong People Travel?
  23. This Is a Changing World
  24. Bronxville Darby and Joan
  25. This Is a Night for Lovers
  26. Bronxville Darby and Joan

NOËL COWARD SINGS SAIL AWAY is a significant release in tribute to the master songwriter/performer. The CD contains historically important (and hugely entertaining) recordings that have never before been heard. The major portion of the disc comprises Noël Coward singing his score for Sail Away, including many songs cut prior to the Broadway opening. In addition are extremely rare recordings Coward made in 1944 in Calcutta, India! The CD also includes excerpts from the demo of the unproduced show Later Than Spring, which was later adapted into Sail Away.

Part of Harbinger’s essential Songwriters Showcase Series, NOËL COWARD SINGS SAIL AWAY was unveiled in London at a special ceremony at the Drury Lane Theatre with the Queen Mother as the hostess.

Other entries in the Harbinger Songwriters Series include Strouse and Adams’ All American Backers AuditionHugh Martin: Hidden Treasures, and Richard Rodgers: Command Performance.

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