Postcards on Parade



  1. Postcards on Parade
  2. Queen Victoria’s Benediction
  3. I Remember / Picture Postcard Poifect
  4. Moments in Time
  5. The Middle of Nowhere
  6. Suicide Rap
  7. Cheeky Kiki
  8. Uranian Besieged
  9. One Day at a Time
  10. Seventeen Years of Living Hell
  11. Take Me Away, Roy Rogers
  12. Regina, La Postcard Queen of La Breeze Marina
  13. It’s a Good Life
  14. Envoi / Postcards on Parade

Featuring Steven Taylor, Anne and David Hampson, Kenward Elmslie and Cass Morgan

Kenward Elmslie is a world-famous lyricist, librettist, poet and designer. Elmslie is best known in theater circles for the cult musical The Grass Harp (Broadway 1971), based on the novel by Truman Capote. He is also known for his six opera librettos including Three SistersWashington SquareThe Seagull and Miss Julie. His opera Lizzie Bordon was performed by the New York City Opera on March 6, 1999 and broadcast nationally on the PBS television show Great Performances. Elmslie has also written the Off Broadway musical Lola and the Broadway musical The Grass Harp. His play City Junketopened Off Broadway to rave reviews. The libretto for POSTCARDS ON PARADE was published by Bamberger Books. Elmslie’s latest book of poems and lyrics, Our Routine Disruptions, was published by Coffee House. Elmslie won the Frank O’Hara Poetry Prize for his collection of poetry Motor Disturbances.

POSTCARDS ON PARADE features Elmslie, composer Steven Taylor and Broadway veteran Cass Morgan performing songs based on postcards through the ages – from the time of Queen Victoria through modern times. The 20-page booklet features the complete lyrics heard on the CD. Elmslie and Claibe Richardson’s musical Lola is also available on Harbinger Records.

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