Noel Coward Sings Sail Away and Other Coward Rarities


For the first time on CD, here’s Noel Coward’s demo recordings for what eventually became Sail Away. Believe it or not some of these were recorded in India by Coward! There’s 26 delicious tracks of the master including two bonus tracks of Coward and director Joe Layton providing vocals. Some of the songs never made it into the finished show and these are their only recordings. This is a terrific album for Coward fans as well as Broadway collectors and aficionados. ​

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NOËL COWARD SINGS SAIL AWAY is a significant release in tribute to the master songwriter/performer. The CD contains historically important (and hugely entertaining) recordings that have never before been heard. The major portion of the disc comprises Noël Coward singing his score for Sail Away, including many songs cut prior to the Broadway opening. In addition are extremely rare recordings Coward made in 1944 in Calcutta, India! The CD also includes excerpts from the demo of the unproduced show Later Than Spring, which was later adapted into Sail Away.

Part of Harbinger’s essential Songwriters Showcase Series, NOËL COWARD SINGS SAIL AWAY was unveiled in London at a special ceremony at the Drury Lane Theatre with the Queen Mother as the hostess.