Sheldon Harnick HIDDEN TREASURES 1949-2013


​“Those of us who love musical theatre and its might-have-been/could-have-been/used-to-be-used songs and abandoned projects can rejoice in the release of the treasure trove that is Sheldon Harnick’s. This is a must have.”
Rob Lester – Talkin’ Broadway

“This package will be a valuable addition to the music libraries of anyone interested in musical theater.”
Joe Lang – Jersey Jazz

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In this historic release, the great lyricist of Fiddler on the Roof, She Loves Me and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Fiorello! shares with musical theater fans 53 of his HIDDEN TREASURES — rarely heard songs from 17 musicals, with many songs performed by Harnick himself and his late composer-partner Jerry Bock.

Three cuts feature Harnick as recorded just last year for this special collection, and other archival recordings star three-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, Brian d’Arcy James, Charlotte Rae and more.

The 2-CD set is a grand celebration of Harnick’s 90th birthday on April 30th and the 50th-anniversary year of “Fiddler on the Roof.” That musical’s iconic “Sunrise, Sunset” is being released for the first time in its original demo recording by Bock and Harnick.

Harbinger Records producers Ken Bloom and Bill Rudman have worked closely with Harnick for two years on this project. The deluxe package includes a 60-page booklet with extensive notes by Harnick and a Foreword by famed Broadway producer Harold Prince, who comments: “This magnificent set is testimony to Sheldon’s extraordinary gifts, and to his place in the pantheon of Broadway musical creators.”

Tracks: Disc 1
1. How Could I?
2. Ballad of the Shape of Things
3. I Can’t Get Used to These Clothes
4. Merry Little Minuet
5. Garbage
6. At the Basilica of St. Anne
7. Isms
8. Let’s Evolve
9. The ABC’s of Success
10. Two by Two
11. All of These and More
12. Every Man for Himself
13. Just My Luck
14. A Relatively Simple Affair
15. Summer Is
16. ’Til The Bootlegger Comes
17. Where do I go From Here?
18. Little Old New York
19. I Wonder What It’s Like
20. The Picture of Happiness
21. Mr. A
22. Worlds Apart
23. Tell Me I Look Nice
22. Worlds Apart
23. Tell me I Look Nice
24. Merry Christmas Bells
25. My North American Drugstore
26. Christmas Eve
Tracks: Disc 2
1. We’ve Never Missed a Sabbath Yet
2. What a Life
3. A Butcher’s Soul
4. Letters From America
5. Dear, Sweet Sewing Machine
6. Get Thee Out
7. When Messiah Comes
8. Sunrise, Sunset
9. What Was That?
10. Talkin’ Truth
11. I Worry/If You Never Try
12. Vengeance
13. Nelson
14. Glory is my Object
15. That’s How Much I Missed You
16. In my own Lifetime
17. We’re a Family
18. Elizabeth
19. Tell Me, Daisy
20. I Brought you a Gift (first Recording)
21. The Pears of Anjou (first Recording)
22. My Star
23. One Family
24. Precious Little
25. Wine, Wine, Wine
26. You Made my Day

Artists: Sheldon Harnick, Jerry Bock, David Baker, Margery Grey, Audra McDonald, Brian d’Arcy James, Charlotte Rae, Danny Meehan, and Buster Davis
Songwriter: Sheldon Harnick

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