Songs for My Father – Heather Macrae


  1. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning / Out Of My Dreams (from Oklahoma!)
  2. Heather’s Introduction
  3. Long Before I Knew You (from West Point Story) / I Only Have Eyes for You (from Tea for Two)
  4. Tea for Two (from Tea for Two)
  5. The Desert Song / One Alone (from The Desert Song)
  6. Face to Face (from Three Sailors and a Girl)
  7. Piano, Bass and Drums (from About Face) / Crazy Rhythm (from Tea for Two)
  8. Oklahoma! Stories
  9. The Surrey With the Fringe on Top (from Oklahoma!)
  10. Oklahoma! (from Oklahoma!)
  11. Bench Scene / If I Loved You (from Carousel)
  12. Dialogue: Heather and Her Father
  13. What’s the Use of Wondrin’ (from Carousel)
  14. Soliloquy (from Carousel)
  15. Dialogue: Thank You’s on Last Night at Eighty Eight’s
  16. Look for the Silver Lining (from The Best Things in Life Are Free)

Featuring Mark Nadler, piano and musical direction

Musical arrangements by Mark Nadler and Heather MacRae

MAC Award Winner 2000

Here are marvelous songs from the films of Gordon MacRae introduced by Heather MacRae’s stories of growing up in Hollywood as the daughter of a movie star.

Writes MacRae: “For the past several years whenever I perform my act I have always included ‘The Surrey With the Fringe on Top’ and ‘If I Loved You.’ Every time I do these great songs I feel an immediate connection with the audience. Because my father is so associated with the films Oklahoma! and Carousel there is, of course, instant recognition. Add to that the fact that I am his daughter and there is a very special feeling that exists between me, the material and the audience. I am remembering my father and interpreting these songs in my own style at the same time.

“So I decided to expand on this idea and do an act consisting entirely of Songs My Father Taught Me. I am very excited by this challenge: looking at songs from my father’s movies and giving them a whole new interpretation while still cherishing the wonderful memories of when people first heard them. I know my dad would have been very proud; he was always supportive of my career and he would be so happy to know that I am carrying on the MacRae tradition!”

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