Souvenir de Printemps

Souvenir de Printemps

Amy Burton

Featuring Yves Abel, piano, and Renaud Machart, piano


  1. Sourire aux lèvres (from La S.A.D.M.P.)
  2. Etre adoré…Paris, si tu veux m’adopter (from Mozart)
  3. Air de la lettre (from Mozart)
  4. J’ai deux amants (from L’Amour masqué)
  5. Vingt Ans! (from L’Amour masqué)
  6. Mon rêve (from L’Amour masqué)
  7. Duo with Renaud Machart (from L’Amour masqué)
  8. Romance (from L’Amour masqué)
  9. Couplets de charme (from L’Amour masqué)
  10. Je suis pas ce que l’on pense (from Trois Penses)
  11. I’ll Follow My Secret Heart (from Conversation Piece)
  12. Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye (from O, Mistress Mine)
  13. Plasisir d’amour (from O, Mistress Mine)
  14. Pour tout ce que nous faisons (from Ta Bouche)
  15. Les Chemins de l’amour (from Leocadia)
  16. Printemps (from Leocadia)

Opera News Record of the Month
Soprano Amy Burton is known for her electric stage presence, crystalline sound, keen musicianship and comedic flair. One of New York City Opera’s leading sopranos offers a tribute to the immortal Yvonne Printemps.

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