Susan Johnson: Previously Unreleased Live Performances


  1. Say It With Music
  2. It’s a Lovely Day Today
  3. What’ll I Do?
  4. Remember
  5. I Got the Sun in the Morning
  6. The Song Ended
  7. If I Were a Bell
  8. I Believe in You
  9. Somebody, Somewhere
  10. Big D
  11. I Love Paris
  12. C’est Magnifique
  13. I’ve Got Somebody Waiting
  14. Always True to You in My Fashion
  15. Pennies From Heaven
  16. But Beautiful
  17. Sunday, Monday or Always
  18. He Makes Me Feel I’m Lovely
  19. Wishin’ Stone
  20. I Wouldn’t Bet One Penny
  21. Swinging on a Star
  22. I Wish I Were in Love Again
  23. Glad to Be Unhappy
  24. I Cain’t Say No
  25. I Could Write a Book
  26. A Wonderful Guy

Harbinger’s Legendary Performers Series features these previously unreleased recordings by a true Broadway legend, Susan Johnson. During the 1950s and 1960s, Johnson was one of the leading lights on Broadway. She appeared on stage in such musicals as The Most Happy FellaBrigadoonOh, Captain!, Donnybrook! and Whoop-Up! Even her failures added to her luster. Although she was considered one of Broadway’s top belters she also had an uncanny way with soft ballads.

Fans have long regretted that Johnson never made a solo album of her own. Now, through recently discovered recordings of live concert performances, here is that album. Featuring excellent fidelity and a full orchestral accompaniment, the CD repertoire includes standards by Frank LoesserCole PorterIrving Berlin and Johnny Burke.

Other releases in Harbinger’s Legendary Performer Series include: Mabel Mercer.

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