The Jello is Always Red​



  1. The Jello Is Always Red
  2. Hey There, Let’s All Have a Little Fun
  3. You’re the One I’m For
  4. Resolution
  5. Reflection
  6. Everything I Buy Was Made in China
  7. There Is Always Some More Toothpaste in the Tube
  8. By the Sea
  9. It’s Very Warm in Here
  10. If I Could
  11. The Peanut Butter Affair
  12. Hey, Buckaroo
  13. Chickens
  14. Bird’s Song (I Like Them)
  15. Beautiful Song
  16. I’m Not Sure
  17. You Are
  18. I Love a Lad
  19. Cool
  20. The Chipmunk
  21. A Bird in a Cage
  22. A Dog Outside a Store
  23. Alligators
  24. The Ending

​Featuring Winston Clark, Celia Genty, Clark Gesner and Neal Young
Musical direction and arrangements by Winston Clark

Clark Gesner, renowned composer/lyricist of the perennial stage hit You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, has come up with another delightful and zany offering. Produced Off Broadway, THE JELLO IS ALWAYS RED finds Clark and his two compatriots singing songs of love, life and other minor matters.

Writes Peter Filichia of Playbill-on-Line: “Here’s a tasty dinner of Gesner goodies!”

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