The Marble Faun

The Marble Faun

Nancy Harrow: Jazz Variation on a Theme by Hawthorne

Arranged by Sir Roland Hanna
Featuring Grady Tate, Nancy Harrow, Anton Krukowski, Amy London


  1. Prologue
  2. What the Romans Do
  3. Dear Miriam
  4. Marble Faun
  5. Hilda
  6. Me and Serenity
  7. How Can This Be Love?
  8. Strong Women
  9. Chère Amie
  10. Come Down From the Tower
  11. Little Girl in a Big World
  12. Carnival
  13. I Am the Power
  14. What the Romans Do (Reprise)

Nancy Harrow has been on the jazz scene for more than 40 years as a vocalist earning the devotion of a dedicated following of fans and enormous respect among musicians. But she is also a talented composer and librettist having created song cycles from such classics as Willa Cather’s Lost Lady and Waldemar Bronsels’s The Adventures of Maya the Bee. Here she wields her magic pen to create a musical passion play from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Marble Faun. Hawthorne’s tale is one of murder and its effect on three major characters. This is a Greek tragedy set to music.

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