Kids Love Musicals! Watch for New Programming in 2024!

Kids Love Musicals
Kids Love Musicals TMTP

Close those computers and let’s get your students up on their feet, singing, dancing and learning with Kids Love Musicals! We’re back with our award-winning, two-day residencies. 

Welcome ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (new!), ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Peter Pan’ to your K-4 Classroom!

For more information and to enroll your class, call Bill Rudman/TMTP at 216-860-1518, ext. 706!

Here’s why: These hands-on residencies bring the high spirits of the American musical to children. During the program, one of our teaching artists empowers students to employ imagination, creativity and reasoning skills – learning more about themselves and their world through the lives and dreams of the musical’s characters.

Program Fee: Our program is a great value at just $495 for a two-day residency – serving the same four classes two days in a row. 

In addition to the program itself, KLM! includes teacher preparation guides and consultation with TMTP.

“When we piloted the program 18 years ago,” says TMTP Artistic Director Rudman, “our dream was to share the joy of musical theater with children at an early age. We have an 85% renewal rate and have worked with schools that have taken the program from the very beginning!”

Why Teachers and School Administrators Love Kids Love Musicals!

  • Aaron Waryk, music teacher at Horace Mann Elementary School, puts it this way: “[Teaching Artist] Carolyn gently created an open and safe space for students to share their thoughts. They were able to open up and be vulnerable in front of their peers while they discussed the social and emotional learning lessons these great musicals teach us.”

  • The program supports State of Ohio K-4 curriculum standards in English Language Arts Music Drama and Deep Learning.

  • TMTP does the prep work – we bring the music, costumes and theatrical materials that turn any classroom into a musical theater workshop.

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