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The programs of The Musical Theater Project celebrate, preserve and honor the songs and tradition of the 20th-century classic American musical, guiding diverse participants in learning about and making personal connections with this art form.

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1964 on Stage & Screen

What were you up to in 1964? As your memories kick in, we’ll see how they connect with the themes offered by the new musicals of that year, and 1964 was an enlightening time.

November 5 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm at Notre Dame College

New from Harbinger Records: Sylvia McNair

Coming in September from Harbinger Records – YOU ARE TOMORROW: RARE SONGS BY HAROLD ARLEN AND MARTIN

Celebrate the Music of John Kander!

Kander with Lin-Manuel Miranda receiving his Tony

Praise for Cryer & Ford, Hidden Treasures, 1967-2020

“A tonic for the ears and the mind! Celebrating the best of the human spirit, and the all-too-human faults and foibles of us all, their work has feel-good nostalgia infused with psychological truth serum and the lightning flash of carpe diem.”

— Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway

Read the full review of Cryer & Ford, Hidden Treasures, 1967-2020

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Do It

Formed 25 years ago, The Musical Theater Project is a unique “museum,” its doors open wide both locally and nationally. Our mission is to preserve and honor 20th-century American musical theater in songs, stories and social history. We guide participants in learning about and making personal connections with the art form’s past through local live performances and school programs, and in national radio broadcasts, online discussions and recordings.

TMTP has a steadfast commitment to inclusion. Everyone is fully welcomed and invited into all facets of the organization’s life regardless of age, race, sex, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or economic status—not just as people living in the world, but as equal citizens living in a democracy.

As with any institution that documents the past, TMTP’s work grows out of a huge library of books containing both admirable and offensive chapters. These reflect the complexity of a society that was seriously conflicted in values and representation. But censoring that which is now rightly seen as disrespectful would be the same as declaring it never existed. We must not erase history; rather we are dedicated to providing context and background that illuminate the social forces behind whatever time period we are exploring. In short, we seek to reveal our nation’s biography as it unfolded through this art form. It is in so doing that we find a gateway to a better future.

By approaching the art with this degree of care, our goal is to bring us all closer together in greater understanding of each other, and in joy, hope and love—these are meaningful and uplifting hallmarks of the classic American musical.

anti-racism initiatives

The Song Is You

Celebrating the songs & artists that give the art form its passion & significance.


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Kids Love Musicals!

Bring the power of musical theater directly to your classroom!

On the Radio

Listen to Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical and On the Aisle

Rendezvous Cabaret

Join The Musical Theater Project for a night on the town with our popular dinner-and-cabaret evenings.

Let’s Go to The Movies…At Home

Watch on your own, then join TMTP for a live discussion!