The Song Is You! Concert Series

The Song Is You! celebrates the music, lyrics and artists that give the art form its passion and importance. These concerts showcase the finest theater and film songs while exploring the cultural and historical impact of musical theater as an American art form. Often referred to as a “docu–concert” or live documentary, each TMTP concert combines live performances with commentary and dozens of rare still images and video clips.



June 25 (3 PM), Maltz Performing Arts Center

Celebrating the Father of Musical Comedy (co-produced with American Musical Productions)

About Our Musical Theater Concerts in Cleveland

We love the art form that allows us to express ourselves through dance and song. Combined with dialogue, costume design, and more, these elements can all create a powerful story. The Musical Theater Project incorporates America’s cultural history by producing concert theater that:

  • Explores connections between the musical and diversity of the American experience
  • Creates deep connections with characters, themes, and songs of the American musical
  • Examines the importance of musical theater in contemporary society
  • Documents the lives of important American musical theater artists

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